CSR Performance Ltd Training Services

Training Services

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CSR Performance is very flexible in its training provision and uses many techniques and tools to assist customers with training.

Training Materials

We provide extensive User Manuals, On-line Help files, Guidance Notes, presentations and other materials to assist the training process.

On-Site Training

We will run training courses on your site with content designed to assist your implementation process. These range from detailed system navigation courses to broader issues of EHS and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) system management.

Off-site training

We run our standard training courses off-site on a regular basis when there is sufficient demand and we can also run tailored courses off site if required.

Web-based training

We use interactive web tools and telephone conference facilities to train small groups and for one-to-one training. This may be for standard training courses, tailored courses or unstructured training to respond quickly to a specific customer request.

Training database

All our installed systems are delivered with a second ‘training’ database. This allows customers to try things out, to consolidate their formal training with practice and to be trained against a background of their own data and information.

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