CSR Performance Ltd Product Summaries

CamHealth® Environmental Management

CamHealth® Environmental Management is designed to provide complete information for organisations who wish to comply with current environmental legislation and standards. The design of the system has been closely modelled on the recommendations encompassed in ISO 14001 and EMAS.

The system stores and organises necessary information about processes, products and emissions. Details of legislation, policies and procedures facilitate the implementation of a complete management programme. Necessary actions such as the recording of consent information, the monitoring of emissions, the registration of effects and the effectiveness of controls may be documented and analysed.

The system includes facilities to record all steps taken to establish approved disposal routes and dispose of waste in a responsible manner in harmony with Duty of Care requirements.

The CamHealth® Audit module may be used to monitor environmental compliance and the CamHealth® Actions Manager may be use to set, communicate and manage the completion of corrective actions.

CamHealth® Environmental Management is designed to ensure that environmental performance is constantly improved and seen to be improved.

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