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CamHealth® Product Profile


The CamHealth® integrated suite of applications provides a comprehensive, enterprise-wide, solution to the management of Corporate Social Responibility (CSR) issues such as Environment, Health, Safety and Quality hazard identification and risk management.

The superior EHS&Q functionality of CamHealth® produces measurable reductions in operational and corporate risk, reductions in the cost of compliance and control of legal liabilities. In addition, organisations which implement the system can generate improvements in operational performance and EHS accountability thus delivering a significant return on investment.

CamHealth® consists of a range of modules that may be implemented individually or together. The application suite can be implemented in its entirety across an organisation world-wide. The modular nature of the system also enables customers to introduce the specific capability at plant, division or group level and then scale the solution over time on a needs basis.

Customers can supplement their current applications with additional modules as business requirements expand, to take advantage of the extended functionality of CamHealth®. This fully integrated, modular model provides organisations with much greater flexibility in the implementation of a new EHS&Q strategy, compared with standalone systems.

CamHealth® provides a web-based interface that runs on the company intranet. It can also be operated on a hosted basis. Data can be entered at shop-floor level via a customer-defined interface in many different languages, including the major European, Chinese and Japanese languages.

The system allows for automated email alerts to selected managers and customisable follow up messages. Managers can create their own performance dashboard of key metrics, such as Lost Time Rates, Recordable Incidents/Non-compliance and Reportable Accidents. Data can be aggregated up from the shop-floor to plant, division and group level while senior managers can also 'drill-down' to look at individual events.

The functionality of the system allows for single-entry RIDDOR (UK) and OSHA (USA) reporting as well as facilitating other national statutory reporting and claims management for insurance purposes.

Operation of the system also allows for the documentation of procedures necessary for ISO9001:2000 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health & Safety) accreditation. The Audit module assists with compliance checking and can be configured to validate against Global Reporting Initiative, GRI, requirements.

CamHealth® provides the platform for enterprise wide compliance with complex Environment, Health and Safety legislation throughout the world. CamHealth® assists compliance with recognised Quality management standards. The highly configurable nature of the CamHealth platform ensures customer needs are met without compromise. CSR Performance understands that active management of EHS&Q risks go beyond compliance to provide a positive bottom-line benefit to the organisation.

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