CSR Performance Ltd Product Summaries

CamHealth® Action Tracking

CamHealth® Action Tracking forms a common thread throughout the CamHealth® suite of programs, transforming the system into a comprehensive Actions Management tool. The powerful and easily accessible, database provides flexible reporting features, ensuring information can be rapidly distributed throughout the organisation to all authorised personnel. This facility ensures highly efficient, cost-effective and secure management of occupational health, safety, environment and quality.

CamHealth® Actions may be triggered from any part of the package. They are intensively used in the Diverse Events option to facilitate management of Planned events, and in the Accident/Incident Management module for Unplanned Event management.

When linked to industry standard enquiry tools, such as Microsoft Excel, the Actions data becomes a powerful source of performance measurement. When linked to commercially available, MAPI compliant, e-mail systems such as Microsoft Exchange/ Outlook, each Action can be automatically e-mailed to authorised recipients - ensuring maximum awareness and ownership.

Powerful web-based tools ensure the rapid dissemination and close monitoring of all actions and their closure.

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