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CamHealth® DSE Risk Assessment

CamHealth® Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment is one of a new generation of fully integrated products from CSR Performance, the specialist supplier of systems for the management of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) and Quality.

CamHealth® Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive and structured means of minimising health risks associated with Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

Applicable regulations include:

  • Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974
  • Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (1992)
  • The Management and Health & Safety at Work Regulations (1999)
  • The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992)
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998)
  • The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992)

Based on the ORACLE Relational Database and running on Microsoft Windows, CamHealth DSE Risk Assessment is intuitive, easy to use and fully compatible with client/server architecture. As part of Europe's most integrated SHE management system, valuable and painstakingly collected data can be shared and re-used by other company systems and by CamHealth modules relating to Personnel, Occupational Health, Training, Risk Assessments and Work Activities.

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations address the avoidance of musculoskeletal problems (including Repetitive Strain Injury), visual fatigue and defects, and stress via measures such as equipment layout, work breaks, eyesight provisions and training. The emphasis of the Regulations is on the assessment, minimisation and reduction of risks and they cover both employees and contractors regardless of whether they are working at their own workstation, at a workstation at home or on another employers' site. The Regulations mandate that DSE be assessed when workers' capability to work changes and when changes have been implemented to workstations.

CamHealth Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment ensures that organisations have all the information required to tailor workstations to the needs of the workers and that all equipment is suited to the worker's needs. It covers all aspects of DSE - display screen equipment (conventional display screens, liquid crystal displays and emerging technologies), furniture, the environment (noise, humidity, lighting, ventilation and radiation), accessories (document holders and printers), software and the way in which work activities are organised.

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