CSR Performance Ltd Product Summaries

CamHealth® Risk Management

CamHealth® Risk Management is an excellent loss prevention tool that assists organisations to meet the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999). Users can undertake comprehensive risk assessments quickly and uniformly for all work activities and all classes of hazard and effect. The rapid and consistent definition of work activities facilitates comparison across the organisation and the sharing of common information. Optimised data entry allows substantial cost savings to be achieved through the reduction in time spent researching and recording risk assessments.

Collation of comprehensive information permits the easy identification and evaluation of the sources of potential loss, enabling preventative action to be prioritised, scheduled and taken before major problems occur.

Quick evaluation of the risks arising from all classes of hazard quickly and safely eliminates minor risks and allows attention to be focused on the more detailed evaluation of the most important hazards.

CamHealth® Risk Management enables valuable and painstakingly collected data to be shared and re-used by other CamHealth® modules, such as CamHealth® COSHH Management and CamHealth® Noise Management.

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