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CamHealth® Audit Management

CamHealth® Audit Management will support any type of audit or inspection for Environment, Health & Safety, Quality or Regulatory compliance. It may be used with any proprietary or customised audit scheme and is designed to audit for full compliance with the UK Health and Safety Executive's recommendations for Safety Management Systems. It has been proven to assist organisations not only to comply with legislation, but also to contribute directly to improved business performance.

Applicable regulations include:

  • Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)
  • Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (1999)
  • Environmental Protection Act (1990)

Based on the ORACLE Relational Database and running on Microsoft Windows, CamHealth Audit Management is intuitive, easy to use and fully compatible with client/server architecture. It provides a comprehensive Audit Management service that is guaranteed to be updated as legislation changes and practice develops. As part of Europe's most integrated EHS management system, valuable and painstakingly collected data can be shared and re-used by other CamHealth systems, such as CamHealth Environmental Management and CamHealth Risk Management. This Module is fully web-enabled, permitting users to answer question sets over the Internet.

CamHealth Audit Management:

  • allows users to examine all the essential elements of safety management: Policy, Organising, Planning and Implementation, Performance Measurement & Audit, and Performance Review
  • permits any question set to be established in the database
  • provides a routine for automatically loading question sets from a formatted Word document
  • permits many types of question including Yes-No-N/A; multiple choice single answer; multiple choice multiple answer; numerical value or comment
  • provides guidance at both section and question level to assist auditors in interpretation
  • “Weights” scores for any or all questions, facilitating statistical analysis
  • encourages consistency of analysis across the organisation
  • stores all results as proof of compliance and performance improvement
  • enables routing to be conditional upon answers, improving speed and applicability
  • delivers graphical output for clear interpretation, communication and comparison of results
  • integrates graphical reports with routine management information

Totally comprehensive, the CamHealth audit/inspection system allows storage and retrieval of unlimited data on all aspects of a Safety Management System, an Environmental Management System, a Quality System, and/or a combined Management System.

It guides users through the process of:

  • establishing the responsibilities and relationships which promote a positive management culture and ensure implementation of effective policies
  • formulating effective procedures which establish and maintain management control; promote co-operation between individuals; communicate information; secure the competence of employees
  • planning and implementing control measures to prevent or minimise the consequences of foreseeable events. It does this by: anticipating the need for action, prioritising and justifying allocation of resources, assisting in development of prioritised plans
  • measuring performance, in which it caters for both active and reactive monitoring

Active monitoring, based on the principles of loss control, seeks to ensure that systems exist which should identify potential hazards before an incident or accident occurs.
Reactive monitoring establishes that the organisation has an efficient and consistent system for investigating accidents, near-misses, cases of ill health and quality non-compliances, and a similar system for collating, storing and acting upon statistical data Undertaking auditing and performance review. This final stage in a comprehensive Risk and Quality Management System ensures the organisation both maintains and develops its ability to manage risks to the fullest possible extent.

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